Dennis Russell, Cimarron NM, Cowboy Poetry


Dennis Russell, Cimarron Cowboy Poet

Dennis Russell's CD

That Old Yellow Horse

This CD was the 10th most-played Western Poetry CD in 2016.

The poem, That Old Yellow Horse, was the 15th most-played poem.


Dennis Russell Cowboy Poet
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    1. Fall Breeze (Dennis Russell)
    2. Ridin' Plum Into Luck (Dennis Russell)
    3. Cowman's Lot (Terry Nash, Mike Moutoux)
    4. Renewin' All Our Hopes (Dennis Russell)
    5. Inside War (Joel Nelson)
    6. Old Western Town (Bruce Kiskaddon)
    7. Smokey (Dennis Russell)
    8. I Will Ride Smokey Today (Dennis Russell)
    9. That Old Yellow Horse (Dennis Russell)
    10. Bitter Sweet (Dennis Russell)
    11. Just His Life (Dennis Russell)
    12. The Last Gather (Dennis Russell)
    13. A Better Job (JB Allen)

    Original poetry by Dennis Russell ©2015.
    Original music by Jim Jones and Randy Huston ©2015.
    Cover Art by Amy Flowers ©2015.
    Photo by Dale E. Page ©2015.
    Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Jones, Albuquerque NM.

©2014-2017 Dennis Russell. All rights reserved.
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